micks profile

Mick Finch (Lead Vox and Rhythm Guitar)

Mick is a founder member of ''The Most'' and comes from Essex. Mick formed a version of the band in 2003 which has had several line up changes since. Originally doing the backing vocals and rhythm guitar, Mick took over lead in 2008. Mick has a passion for the early 60's R'n'B and gains influences from The Who, Kinks, Small Faces through to Paul Weller and The Jam, including, Northern Soul, Beat, Freakbeat, Punk, and the occasional bit of Jazz, Nice !! Mick uses a Rickenbacker 330 fireglow, a Rickenbacker 360 fireglow, Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster with a Fender De'ville or Marshall amplification. Mick has also written some songs which the band have performed.

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